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A Story Of Us All

A Story of Us All

Think Beeyond intends to write a part of the story of us all. 

The world we live in results from a subtle balance in the chain of life.

Trees, insects, oceans and flowers, whatever big or small,

they all belong to a great orchestra within which bees are key.

Through pollination, bees enable the making of two-thirds of the world's crops.

Because we humans find it hard to play fair, bees are endangered, and so is nature.

To help restore the balance, take the lead by welcoming beehives in your home,

and by choosing raw honey over processed supermarket ones.

Bees & Flowers
bee flower pollen

Bees & Flowers

A story of love. 

A mysterious force relentlessly drives all living things to reproduce. 

Unlike animals, plants cannot move and search for mates,

and whereas millions of years ago most plants spread their pollen with the wind,

a new cunning evolution emerged : The flower.

While one relied on luck to see few pollen grains reaching another tree,

the flower, using perfume and nectar as a reward, loaded its curious

visitors with pollen to carry on a love message.

Bees incarnate such legacy of love messengers, flying from flower to flower

to bring the new generations forth.

Home Beehives
beehive garden

Home Beehives

Nature only works as a whole.

Flowers need bees, just like bees need flowers.

Why should one constantly oppose wildlife and urban civilization ?

At Think Beeyond, we are convinced that both can meet in harmony.

More than supporting bees, we will help you bring back nature

to your home. Plant flowers and welcome bees !

Reinvent your city to make life a bit more prosperous.

Your home is the best place. Make a small space.

Untouched Honey
wax bee honey propolis pollen

Untouched Honey

Our commitment is to pursue sustainable techniques mastered by

generations of beekeepers over time. It starts with an unadulterated

environment. We aim to interfere as little as possible, just enough to attend

and protect the spectacle of nature in progress.

Through hard work, bees make honey and thrive to make reserves.

Pollen Messenger harvest the surplus. No more, no less than what nature can offer.

Manually extracted from the honeycomb, our raw honey is strained and poured.

And to keep up with our ancestors, we recycle the wax to make candles.

Straight into the bottle. Plain, just as nature intended.

untouched honey ceramic jar raw organic natural
Swarm Care
swarm wild bees tree

Swarm Care

Finding a honey bee nest in your home is a fantastic omen,

symbolizing wealth and prosperity to your household.

For ancient druids bees were symbolizing the sun, the devine nature

behind it, but also the notions of celebration, brightness and community.

If you had the chance to find a swarm at home, do not have it eradicated.

                      We will instead have it rehoused into one of our beehives.

Contact us

Contact us

215E5 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2

Ho Chi Minh City


+84 913 670 215 

Active Pollinator & Honey Source

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